The Game Eats Cheesesteak In Philly

The Game In Philly

The Game clearly isn’t worried about his beef with Meek Mill and by extension Beanie Sigel, following up a show in Reading, Pa. by hitting up Philadelphia for an authentic cheesesteak.

Game went to Geno’s, which sits across from Pat’s at an iconic intersection in downtown Philly. Game pays for the meal with a $100 bill, telling the cashier to keep the change, though sadly the camera doesn’t catch his order to know whether or not he got whiz or provolone (or with or without onions).

In one Instagram video, Jayceon was listening to Beanie Sigel, which was kind of controversial, since the latter dissed him along with Meek and Omelly on their “Ooouuu” freestyle. “This was my shit……. off #TheReason album,” the Cali native wrote underneath it. “It hurt a nigga that they had to go & get Beans to help write verses to diss me but I put the old state prop fan in me aside & gave niggas what they asked for…… my favorite rapper from the group was @oschinovasquez1 anyway…… fuck it #OOOOUUUUUUUUU

As far as the music side of the beef is concerned, The Game was the latest to strike with “Pest Control.” We can’t wait to hear Meek Mill’s response, so stay tuned.

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